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The shelves are really the best part of these cages, in my opinion. In fact, I even sell them separately now. In fact, someone with a big wood cage from CBD recently added these hanging bamboo-trimmed shelves to their iguana's habitat.

The corner shelves fit well into lots of cage designs, and the big basking shelf - (I like to call it a hammock) - has plenty of room for a big lizard to get comfortable.

I've watched iguanas reposition themselves all day long. Sometimes they like to snuggle down and peer over the bamboo trim - and sometimes they like to sit right up on the edge, with a leg dangling down.

Sometimes, they like to just climb back and forth between the shelves. The important thing is that they have plenty of opportunities to thermoregulate themselves - and get some exercise.

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Bamboo-trimmed shelves

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