Building the shelves

All six shelves shown  in place.

These shelves are my favorite part of the cage to build -- and
they add so much style and function -- I just love 'em.

If you read my web page on the history of my cage-building endeavors,
(see Q&A), you know that I used to build my corner cages completely out of real bamboo.
However, practical considerations have eliminated almost
all of the real bamboo from my cages now.

The only bamboo you need for this project is what
Home Depot sells as 'Natural Reed Fencing'.
It comes in 6'x 15' rolls for under $20.
You'll have plenty for the shelves, and enough left over
to add some beautiful trim to your new enclosure.

(Home Depot will transfer a roll to your local HD store, if you ask.
Florida HD stores carry this year 'round.)

If you're making this cage-building project a family affair,
you can get someone started on making these shelves right off the bat.

Let's start with the corner shelves...
These shelves fit well in either cage: the Mini Jungle Gym or the Big Jungle Gym.

For the Mini Jungle Gym, a nice option is to use six corner shelves...

The Mini with six corner shelves.

Start by making the shelf frame.

The measurements are:

(1) 26" pvc pole for the front
(2) 19" pvc poles for the sides.

Assemble as shown with two 45 degree angle connectors joined in the rear corner,
and one 90 degree connector joined with a 45 degree connector on each side.
Use three 1 3/4" pvc sections to join the connectors.

Next, cut a piece of plastic mesh to fit the frame.
To keep the mesh from rolling, I attach it with a couple of ties,
while I cut it down the center of the pvc poles.

Cut a piece of plastic mesh to fit the frame.

Once the mesh is cut to size, attach it to the frame with ties
every 4 or 5 inches. Clip the excess tail ends from the ties.

Doesn't need to be too perfect since it'll be covered up in the next step.

Using 3/4 pipe insulation, cover the frame.
This adds thickness to the shelves, as well as
helping keep the bamboo in place (from spinning when climbed on)
on the lower shelves - the ones without floors.

Pipe insulation covers the frame.

The bamboo has been cut into 7" wide strips and then
had the outer two bamboo sticks removed so that
the remaining wire can be twisted together and folded under.

Wrap the bamboo around the frame.

The 6 1/2" bamboo strips can be cut to size with strong scissors.
Use 11" black cable ties over the bamboo. Pull the ties tight
with pliers so that the tails are underneath the shelf
and clip the tails off.

Isn't that pretty? Easy to clean and strong, too

Make four more of these, omitting the floor. For the chains,
make 17 sections of 9 links each to connect
each shelf. The bottom shelf only gets two chain lengths -- up front.

Attach single, open links to the cage frame top with cable-ties,
then just lift the stack of shelves into the cage and
hang them from the open links.

This allows you to easily install or remove the shelves,
just by lifting them off of the open links cable-tied to the cage frame.

Use the same 'open link' technique at the floor level to stretch the shelves
across the cage so that they cascade down under the Basking Hammock.

This allows you to un-hook the shelves and let them just
hang straight down in the enclosure, giving you room
to step into the cage for cleaning or
spending a little quality time with your iguana.

Notice the open links.

To make the Basking Hammock, just use the same techniques
with these measurements:

Cut (2) 30" pvc poles
and (2) 15" pvc poles.

Assemble with four 90 degree corner connectors.

Add the mesh floor, pipe insulation and bamboo,
all held together with cable ties.

Attach chains with 10 or 11 links to the rear corners.
I like to use several extra links in the front chains
to create a slight forward angle.

Using the 'open top link' method to hang the shelves also allows
you to adjust how close the shelves are to the lights.

No matter what cage you build,
the shelves will be your iguana's favorite spot!

The Mini with hanging shelves.


Now we're done!

Although a floor would be nice...

I've got a few different ways to handle that project...

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