Building the Big Jungle Gym cage

For this enclosure, you'll need [A] pvc poles.

Cut 3/4" pvc into 2 lengths of [B]
and two lengths of [C]
and 3 lengths of [D].

The connectors are twoTs on top
two Ts on the bottom
and two 4-way crosses in the middle.

The trick to putting them together is to twist them in.
PVC can be pushed into a connector up to 3/4",
but I would suggest going in only 1/2" for now. You can
always tighten and straighten it up later -
once everything is together.
The trick to that is to use your body weight to push the joints together.

After you have made six panels,
your cage can start to take shape.
Connect the panels to each other with
corners and spacers.

Spacers are just [E] lengths of pvc that
connect panels to form the back walls.

Corners are just two forty-five degree angle connectors
joined by a [F] length of pvc
with two more pvc plugs in the ends.

You'll need to make nine sets of corners and
six spacers to form your cage.

Go ahead and connect all the panels now.

Here's the shape you're looking for:

The frame with the front door.

Making the frame is easy!

Next we'll tackle the door...


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