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If you already have an enclosure and just need some nice shelves, I can make them for you.

I made this set of shelves for a lucky iguana in Chicago, owned by Aaron and Rachel.

It's just 14" long on the sides and 19" across the front... (the shelves, not the iguana :)

This stack of five shelves came out so cute that I've decided to make more of them available for sale.

I've added extra long chains to the top and bottom shelf to make installation and adjustment easy.

To hang the shelves, you just cable-tie three single open links to the ceiling of the enclosure and hook the shelves on to the links. Add three more open links at the floor level and stretch the shelves whereever you want them.

If you want me to make you a set of five of these shelves, with a mesh floor on the top shelf, and include a few extra open links to hang them...

Just give me an order.

Give me a week to get them built, boxed and shipped... and send me a total of $130 (via paypal or check) to cover everything, shipping included.

Questions? Read the FAQs or email me.

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Mini corner shelves

Stack of Mini corner shelves

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