The Contemporary Jungle Gym is a giant corner cage -- ready for adding lights, shelves, vines... whatever you think is best for your iguana.

The cage is fairly lightweight - which could allow for getting in behind the cage -- just in case the need should ever arise. ;)

"It goes together like Lego", someone once wrote me, after they had just finished building it from the plans. Pretty impressive, I'd say. ;)

But do you know the best thing? ... These panels can be constructed into a wide variety of designs! I can picture a big 'L' shaped enclosure... maybe 9' long, with a 3' bend. Now that could be one awesome enclosure for one very lucky iguana!

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The Contemporary Jungle Gym.

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"The cage arrived, and my husband managed to put it together. It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much! What a wonderful improvement for our iguana. His quality of life just improved so much!".

"I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for doing such a nice job on the cage for Pez. He is having a wonderful time in his new habitat."

"Thanks again for the wonderful cage. I just can't tell you how happy we are to have it. And not only is it great for Jerry Garcia, but it's a nice looking cage to have in the house. You do great work, and it was worth the wait!".