How to build Iguana cages

June 26, 2015

Well, this is embarrasing!

My huge site has been hosted here for '745 weeks' and has disappeared and been replaced with a note that says: 'You have chosen to install a blog'. 

No, I haven't!!!

So now I have to figure out how to best manage this turn of events.

Fortunately, I have the entire 'Book' of the plans to build my iguana cage designs and can still fulfill orders. I will email the book out as a .pdf as I get paypal notifications of orders placed, which is as easy as going to and "Sending" $19.95 to my email address:

With paypal, you are completely protected and it's been how I've been getting orders for cage plans for years. I usually send them out within one day.

I'm not sure how this happened and I'm not having any luck getting through to customer service of the hosting company and it'll take many many many hours to upload all the files that comprise the site. Grrrrrr.

I'm sorry about this and will sort it out when I have more time.



P.S. The plans are great, as so many iguana owners have told me, and I've...



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