Building the Mini Jungle Gym Front Door

The Front Door is a truly great feature of these cages.
The working hinges are a real convenience,
since you need to get in and out of your lizard's enclosure several times each day,
and lower second door is a very handy addition.

Okay, let's get started.

We've got the frame all together right?

The Mini Jungle Gym frame.

So, let's add the top and bottom of the door,
to complete the cage frame shape.

Cut two [G] poles from the 3/4" pvc.
Put the T connectors on the ends of each pole.

two 26" poles complete the frame.

Go ahead and put them in to complete the frame shape.

Now it's time to get down to the door construction itself.
Here's what it looks like completed... for reference.

The Mini frame with front door

Let's build from the bottom up. To make the lower section of the door:
Cut two [H] poles and two [I] poles.
Assemble with three T connectors and one corner.

Cut two [E] pvc sections and put them in as shown: top and bottom.

The lower part of the door.

Slotting the hinges makes them work great.

The short sections sticking out of the two T connectors are
going to be hinges. To make them work well, you need to 'slot' them.

A jig saw works well to cut the slots. Be careful!

Keep your fingers out of the way!

Set the whole assembly in the door frame and put a T connector on the top right side,
connecting it to the cage frame. See how nice those hinges work now?

(Just ignore that the cage in these pictures is the Big Jungle Gym...
It's the exact same door on both cages).

Push the small door together tightly.

For the left side, cut a [C] pole and top it with a T connector.

Next, cut a [J] pole and put it into the door on the left side top.

Keep at it. We're getting there.

You can congratulate yourself now, because if you made it this far...
the rest will be pretty easy.

The top of the door is just like the bottom - except bigger and upside down.

Top of the door assembly

Cut two [H] poles and two [K] poles.

Assemble with three T connectors and one corner connector.

Insert the two [E] sections of pvc into the two right-side T's, and slot them.

Add this top section to the cage door.

Making real progress now!

Cut another [B] pole for the lefthand side of the cage door frame.
Push and pull the pvc until the door fits nicely. Not bad!

Just one more tricky little thing to do...

Those wide gaps above and below the door have to be filled.

Cut two [L] pvc poles and put the Oversized T connectors on the ends.
(These are the 1" x 1" x 3/4" T connectors).

Now here's the tricky part:

Use a jig saw to cut each T connector in half and trim their edges so they fit in the gap.

It's a little tricky, but you can do it.

Cable tie the top one in place, so it doesn't fall out when you open the door!
If you don't have any long cable-ties, just 'daisy-chain' two together.

Notice the [M] bolt and nut now added to keep the door securely shut.
Another bolt is positioned a similar distance from the bottom.

That's everything -- except adding the Lucite and maybe a lower door.

If you really want to go the extra mile and make an awesome door
here's how...

Use the same techniques you just used and make a small hinged door
to fit within the lower opening of the large door.

A hinged, door-within-a-door

Start by taking that original right side [I] pole out and topping it with
another T connector with a slotted plug.
Then shorten the pole (cut it to size: [N]) so that another T and slotted plug will fit on the bottom.

Add two [O] poles horizontally and another [N] pole,
connect with two 90 degree corner connectors,
and adjust everything for a nice snug fit.
Use velcro loops to hold the lower door shut,
or just drill for a longer bolt: [P].

Cut four more 1" x 1" x 3/4" Ts in half and make two more gap-filling poles, using two [Q] poles.

Cable tie in a mesh rectangle -- and you've got a
safe and easy way to get food in and out of the cage,
no matter what mood your iguana is in!

Now that's a great door!

CAD Drawing by Anton C. Hriczko at

All of these measurements are listed in the Measurements & Materials List.

Now we've done the frame, and the door, so next let's do the ceiling, and then the back panels.
Once we've finish the windows and the Basking Hammock, we're done!

I hope that these plans are working out well for you.
I've put a great deal of time and effort into them.

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