Adding Windows to the Big Jungle Gym

If you start with two sheets of [Z] Lucite (or a similar acrylic),
you can simply lay the sheets directly on the side panels,
lining up the sheet with the center of each pvc pole,
and use a marker and a straight-edge to draw the cut lines.

Use a straightedge to mark cut lines.

You'll be able to get two side windows out of the one sheet.
The other sheet will yield the window portion of the front door.

To cut the Lucite, I prefer an orbital jig saw with very sharp blades
although people tell me that scoring both sides deeply
and snapping gives a nice clean edge.

The dimensions of each side window is [AA]
and the front door window is [BB].

I use a sharp drill bit to make holes about a half an inch in from the edges.
I like to space them out to match the holes in the white side panels,
so that I can use just one cable tie -- through both holes and around the pole,
just like we did with the back panels.

Just hold the side window up to the frame and mark where the holes
need to be to match up with the back panel holes. Then drill, against a piece of scrap wood
to avoid cracking the Lucite.

Make sure that the cable tie square ends are flat against the Lucite and clip the excess.

This old picture just shows how the cable ties are flat against the panels.


The side window panels are attached to the outside of the cage frame,
just like the white back panels -- lining up all the holes.

The door window panel, however, is attached to the inside of the door frame,
so that you have the poles accessible to grasp, to open the door,
as well as having access to the bolts that keep the door shut.

Here's a tip: take the protective plastic off the Lucite before attaching it to the cage frame.

Another tip: If the cut edges of the Lucite present any dangerously sharp edges,
you can use thin white cloth tape to cover the edges all around, nice and neatly.


Now we've done the frame and the front door and the ceiling and the back panels and the windows.
Now all we've got left to do are the shelves, which are really cool, and then the floor.

Well, maybe I should hold back on the floor plans... after all, I want to entice you to
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